Posted on Sep 7, 2019

Mind your Brain- Therapy and Care for Emotional and Cognitive Wellness

People nowadays worry about developing dementia. However, there is a difference between primary aging and secondary aging. Primary aging refers to the age-related physiological changes such as graying of hair, wrinkles, decrease in muscle strength and bone mass- everyone experiences those changes, albeit at different rates. Secondary aging refers to pathological (disease-related) changes that DO NOT occur in all of us. Dementia can be categorized as secondary aging process- it requires therapeutic interventions as it leads to difficulties with memory, orientation, reasoning that interfere with independent living and quality of life. There are different types of dementias, the most common type being Alzheimer's Disease, all of which are progressive (that is: incurable). And while most dementia's become prominent at later stages in life, it is important to distinguish temporary (pseudo~) from permanent progressive types of dementia. For example, medication intake or uncontrolled kidney disease can lead to sign that look like dementia, but have underlying causes that can be successfully treated.

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