Posted on Feb 28, 2020

Mind your Brain- Therapy and Care for Emotional and Cognitive Wellness

Emotions are a natural part of our everyday life. All of our emotions, including the positive and negative emotions, help us guide our decisions, and make our lives more colourful.

While our positive emotions may seem like more fun and more relevant to our emotional well-being (i.e. feeling stable, happy, content), it is important to realize that all our emotions have a function- that includes our negative emotions.

For example, anger in the face of injustice can be the impetus to drive changes. Anxiety is designed, based on evolutionary theory, to keep us save as it signals danger.

However, all emotions require us to interpret what is actually happening, and if that interpretation is incorrect, then emotions can interfere with successful functioning, and potentially reinforce the challenging emotions and feelings. This is true for negative as well as positive emotions.

But what happens when emotions begin to interfere with a person’s well-being and successful functioning in everyday life? One important question that needs to be asked is what actually drives these emotions, and not only how, but also, why do they interfere with well-being.

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